Welcome to Film & Fiesta

Home to memories and celebrations! Photography is a wonderful medium - to remember by, to be aware of beautiful moments and to collect them. I am deeply thankful to do this for a living - to meet people, to connect, to photograph. To be happy with people and for them. I believe life must be celebrated. Moments big and small - celebrated big or small. The imperfections, the victories, the beauty.

Film & Fiesta Photography specializes in couple and family celebrations, as well as intimate weddings. As a woman, wife and mom, the dating/getting married/starting a family stages of life are very close to my heart, which is why I love to photograph it!

I find my inspiration from people, tricky light situations and other photographers that are just as obsessed with grainy images as I am. I call the pine forests of Haenertsburg my home and workplace, but of course, open to travel. Fuelled by coffee, copious amounts of home brewed coffee, but mostly by the Grace of our God.

Celebrate it all. Have a little dance, a little party, a little fiesta, every day.

Elmarie x